5 Essential Keys to Personal Success

Personal Success is a goal I think we all have, yet somehow many of us struggle to find the right steps to bring it about. Surprisingly it is rarely as simple as just the knowledge you possess. Sometimes it is attitude, sometimes our internal demons, and other times it is simply identifying the pathway to get where we want to go. Here are five key tips to get you on the right route to achieve personal success in all areas of life.

1. Positive, positive, positive

This is the number 1 barrier that is stopping you – negativity. It comes in many forms – negative people talking to you, negative news you watch or read, and probably most detrimental of all – negative thoughts of your own. You need to start with yourself before you can change the world. If you want to be successful, are you honestly going to get there with a frown on your face thinking the worst of everything? Not a hope! You need to be looking positively at the world, at yourself, and at every situation you are presented with. Give it a try and you will not believe how much this can change your life! Negativity saps energy, but facing the same situation positively energizes you. Have you ever met the sort of person who is always positive, always sees the opportunity no matter how dire the situation is? I bet they were brim full of energy too, weren’t they? Be that person. It’s all down to how you look at it. Positivity leads to success.

2. Plan

Plan to win - a winning plan!
Plan to win – the winning plan.

This seems so obvious, but when working towards a big goal it is all too often the case that we focus on the goal alone, but fail to see clearly how you will get there. You need to know when, where and how you will complete each task. When will you do it? Where do you need to be to do it? How will you actually complete the task?

One Task at a Time, 100% of that time. I can’t emphasize how important this point is. If you do not have a plan you are just wandering about aimlessly. With a plan, you are able to measure how you are proceeding, see if you are off course, and if you are adjust as you see the plan needs to be adjusted.

3. Be the best version of you, always

As we go through life we will see the same people, we will see people who were insignificant then who are now gatekeepers to certain steps to our own success, happiness or contentment. You can’t just do your best when you want to impress someone. You need to be giving your all every step of the way. To be successful you need to be in a frame of mind where you don’t need to be using your energy reminding yourself to do your best – that needs to be a given, you need to be focused on the tasks that you need to be doing your best at.

4. Do it daily, do it forever

The human mind is amazing. It learns and adapts, and effectively has its own automation engine – if you do a task repeatedly for a length of time it becomes an automatic habit. Pick the daily tasks you need to do every day on your path to success and start doing them every day. Within a few months (66 days according to research) they form into habits. Why is this important to being successful? It is important because you will no longer have to waste your energy and focus on ensuring you do those tasks, you will do them out of habit. Think about that for a minute. Imagine eating healthy, going to the gym or for a run, balancing your accounts or ensuring you write to a number of contacts each day was something you already did without thinking and you were able to know from the get go that these tasks were achieved before you started thinking about them. Think how much brain power you could dedicate to the next step on your path to success.

5. Work for it, get it

OK, nobody said it was all going to be easy. It isn’t. Talk to some successful people and you will find they all have a common trait: they work hard. They don’t shirk tasks or avoid things that are hard. No, the successful man or woman rolls up their sleeves and gets stuck in. What’s more – they do it with a smile on their face! (see point 1). Unless your plan to be successful is comprised of winning the lottery, be willing to work for it. This is not the same as doing everything yourself – that can be detrimental to success – but it does mean that you are willing to work hard to get the job done, no matter how difficult the task is or how tired you might feel.

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